What This Seattlite Eats

I’ve toyed with vegetarianism for a long while now, tossing around philosophies about ethical treatment of animals, protecting the environment by not partaking in the fossil fuels required to produce meat, sustaining a healthier, more vegetable-heavy lifestyle… all have payed a part into my diet in the past few years. Not including social pressure against being a veg-head. A coworker, once gazing over my plate at lunch asked, “Are you vegetarian?”

Cheeks puffed with a mouthful of juicy kale I nodded.

“Don’t you know being a vegetarian isn’t in style anymore?”

Had my mouth been empty, my jaw would have dropped.

Okay, have I been THE MOST faithful vegetarian or even a pescetarian? No. The braised oxtail at Spur would certainly testify against me. But haven’t I always supported eating local? Haven’t I always opted for the healthier than the cheaper and more convenient?

Even with fresh, locally-grown fruits and vegetables grown so close to my hearth, I’ve lapsed and haven’t been focusing on eating foods light in ethical questionability and fossil-fuel usage. A friend recently, somewhat inadvertently, turned the mirror on my own consumption habits again.

A TIME photo piece depicted families across the world, showing off their weekly edibles, from a family in Chad’s $1.23 weekly expenditure to the German family’s $500 weekly expenditure. And I thought, what do I consume in a week? Is it leafy and green or contained in cans and boxes?

Inspired, I stopped by the market today for some fresh wares and captured it on film. Let’s see…

All that by myself?

And I know there are a few things missing from the picture… what about breakfast?

What about a few snacks between work and home? A bite to eat while having coffee with a friend?

Okay. So. Here’s my weekly portion of food. I’ll share my progress by the end of the week… (ie. what’s missing from the picture?)

And maybe I’ll share a recipe or two…


About KShaw

English teacher in Thailand. Global Traveler. Amateur linguist. Reader. Writer. Photographer. Musician. Friend.
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