From the PNW to SLC

Alright. A quick update.

We’ve been so busy with driving and exploring, there hasn’t been quite enough time to write or organize my photos and videos. Yeah that water feels great!We’re on our way down to Goblin Valley State Park after a quick crash on Sam’s friend’s couch in Logan, UT (in which there are only TWO bars for the entire town and only one was legitimately open at 10:30pm on a Saturday night).

Yesterday: 12 hours of mesmerizing white lines, dotted with gems, like the Rock Shop in eastern Oregon (pun only mildly intended) and feeling the waterfall spray of Shoshone Falls.

Highlights of Bend:

yup. All alone. -Roving around the little mountain town on bikes, startling geese and locals alike. (We discovered a goose egg forgotten on the banks of the river! Poor thing.)

-Expertly pulled single origin Ethiopia espresso shots at Lone Pine Coffee Roasting Co. down the alleyway in Bend.the best coffee in Bend, OR

– Discovering the generous portions and scrumptious beers of Boneyard Brewing (thanks to Lone Pine’s barista, James. Awesome recommendation–thanks James!) We picked up a growler of Boneyard’s Bone-A-Fide pale ale for our Logan, UT host.

-Skipped the Deschutes Brewing Co. Growlers would have set us back $40! Yikes!

Alright. On to the dry dusty desert of Utah! Huzzah!


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English teacher in Thailand. Global Traveler. Amateur linguist. Reader. Writer. Photographer. Musician. Friend.
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