The Last Leg of the Great Trek Home

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of activity of trekking through Utah and western Colorado. My family is (luckily!) scattered throughout the western slope of Colorado, one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever had the privilege of living. So, while we traversed the state, we visited family (Sisters! Cousins! Aunts! Uncles!) and checked out the local outdoor scene at every stop.

A Quick Recap:

Sunday we drove from Logan, UT to Goblin Valley State Park–a gorgeous yet windy drive–arriving at our campsite just as the stars peeked out through the cloak of the night’s sky.

Camping Night One: The Official Goblin Valley State Park camp grounds, amid hoards of young, romping kids. On Monday we stomped around Goblin Valley, marveling at the curious geologic formation and wondering what the sandstone looked like back when it was submersed in oceanic waters.

In the afternoon we headed to Moab to charge up and grab a quick cup of coffee at the Moab Coffee Roasters, a cute coffee counter nestled inside a funky tourist shop on the main strip. The owner roasts right there on a 5lb Diedrich and a local kiddo hand-draws all the “custom designed” art on the freshly roasted bags of coffee.

Awesome Earth!The setting sun sent us on a wild goose chase to find a new camp spot, which landed us at Windwhistle on the road to the Needles Overlook of Canyonlands. We drove past numerous campsites still subsumed in early spring snow so we felt pretty lucky to find a warm and lightly-traveled site nestled near a beautiful mesa.

A slightly cloudy Tuesday meant it was a great day to explore Arches.  Battling fewer crowds always means more solitude in this awesome place.

Wednesday? Grand Junction! The town is triangularly tucked between the Bookcliffs, the Colorado National Monument, and the Grand Mesa–a mecca for outdoor gurus. With a comfy home to crash each night (thanks Dad!), we spent the next few days exploring the Grand Valley and visiting family. I love this place.

We toured the Colorado National Monument, sipped on a Dirty Hippie at Palisade Brewing Company and basked in the unadulterated sunshine (sorry Seattle!).

Then up to Cedaredge to see the old homestead acreage on which our family convenes every summer for a week of jawing, group dinners, ATV rides and plenty of romps in the mud.

By Friday afternoon we left the valley’s warmth and headed into the San Juan Mountains, en route to Durango. The drive was brilliant– snow capped peaks, lite traffic, more places to stop and play than we could possibly handle. We stopped for a quick PB&J along the Uncompaghre River in Ridgeway, walked the main strip of Ouray and a slipped down an old mining road in Silverton to explore the abandoned mines Golden Hour + Gorgeous Scenery = Heaven and rusted tram lines suspended high above the mineral-rich rivers.

By Monday our tour of Colorado began its denouement. Our long Trek Home led us through dusty roads, from relative to relative, and finally back to Denver where we’ll spend the next week wrapping up last minute details, resting and packing our bags for the next big adventure: Thailand!

And since we’ll be in humid tropical heat for a year, we’ll probably sneak in a cool mountain hike too.


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