Weekend Excursions Volume II: Koh Larn

Needing a break after the first week of Koh Larn from the ferryteaching, we hopped a ferry to Beach Koh Larn, the island just off the coast of Pattaya. Just an hour on this zippy little boat and you’re on your way to a universe far, far away from the droning lights and persistent noisome folk of Pattaya. The ferry leaves just off the end of the dock from Walking Street and zips farangs and locals away from the maddening crowd.

A rickety wooden boat, powered by a motorbike engine rigged together with pop Koh Larn Beachcans and paperclips sputters up to the ferry upon arrival at the beach. All the Russian and British tourists (needing a vacation from their vacation) pile into the hull of the narrow plank boat and wait to be shuttled directly onto the golden, sandy beach. Hawkers a plenty are there to greet you as soon as you step a toe into the sand, proffering all sorts of edibles, body art and other various services.

Aahhh, the beach. A perfect place to relax, umbrellas and scenery on koh larnsip a concoction out of a coconut, admire the gardens of sea urchins from behind the tenuous safety of a snorkel mask, nap under the clouds of umbrellas, and wonder why you would want to live anywhere else.


About KShaw

English teacher in Thailand. Global Traveler. Amateur linguist. Reader. Writer. Photographer. Musician. Friend.
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