Prom Lok Waterfall

On a Saturday afternoon, our boss and fellow teacher, Sarah, invited us to go for a real Thai adventure with her husband and daughter. Picnic at a waterfall then exploring a local fruit festival at a nearby small town.

Tropical fruits and waterfalls? Yes please!

So, a short drive east of town through a village called Phrom Kiri (where we’d stop later for the fruit festival) and voila! Paradise!

Sarah’s first order of business was to introduce us to new local fruits: mangosteens, rambutans, and the king of fruits, durian (it’s literally called the King of Fruits). Then have a quick dip in the swirling ponds below the falls and relax in the evening fresh air.

Phrom Lok Picnic via fisheye

Sarah’s husband seemed to have a good handle on hacking at the Durian’s deadly outer skin…

Carving Durian, the official stinky fruit.

Spoils of the fruit battle. I think we won.

Fruit Picnic

The fruit itself has a distinct smell, which earns it eligibility to be outright banned from many public places. It looks deadly from the outside. And the fruit inside is a large, fleshy-meaty hunk that has a custard-sweetness and buttery texture. A bit bizarre to eat. A few bites of go a looong way.

Negotiating the Slippery RocksThe falls

Local wildlife…

Local Lizzard

…And no Thai adventure is complete without a generous helping of grubs from the local fruit festival and competition at the nearby village. The fruit festival was more of a competition for local farmers to show off their delicious and well-grown produce. Not to mention an excuse for fireworks and, of course, tasty snacks of crickets, frogs, grubs, silkworms and other crunchy critters. Of course Sarah insisted on buying us a bag of grubs tossed with spices and spritzed with oil. Crunchy. Like eating peanuts. An interesting counterbalance to the tropical fruits of the afternoon. The yellow bleach spray bottle is really filled with a lube of some sort (butter, likely palm oil) that will be generously spritzed on your tasty snack.


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  1. Amazing shot of the waterfall, nice one!

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