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Adventures into Unknown Territory: Begin Again in Bagan

The second day in Bagan we decided to hire a tour guide, someone knowledgeable about the history of the area, the temples, the changing face of modernizing Myanmar. The only guide we could find was an elderly man, a former … Continue reading

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Adventures into Unknown Territory: Bagan, Myanmar

After a few days of exploring Mandalay, our journey extended into the central part of the mysterious country. We hopped a local bus for an eight hour journey to Bagan, one of the most historically important cities in Burmese culture. … Continue reading

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Adventures into Unknown Territory: Myanmar

Part 1: Mandalay The first thing you notice about Mandalay is the dust wafting throughout the city’s narrow streets and alleys. Minimal pavement and a fluster of activity at markets, tea houses and restaurants creates a stirring and liveliness that … Continue reading

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Heaven of the North: Chiang Mai’s Temples and Cafes

For so many foreigners in Thailand, the northern burg of Chiang Mai is gilded as a sort of heaven on earth. It’s a favorite stop for grungey backpackers swapping stories and travel advice over cups of steaming coffee in bustling … Continue reading

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Big Bad Bangkok

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On a recent trip to Bangkok, I learned something. Like many people, I have a love/hate relationship with cities. I love their diversity and the opportunity. I loathe the cacophony and the musty air of exhaust mixed with concrete. Luckily, … Continue reading

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Teach me Thai

Beep. Beep. This means squeeze in Thai. The Thai language, which seemed awkward and inaccessible at the very beginning of my new life here, has become quite a fun language to learn. Playful, with plenty of repetition. Communicating ideas is relatively … Continue reading

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Bali Holiday: Chapter 5, The Final Adventure

On our last day in Bali, we took a chance and booked a paragliding trip. We’d seen the island via land and water. Now it was time to explore it from the air. We were picked up in the afternoon … Continue reading

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